Introducing a new blog

This blog originally started off being a catch-all, representing most of the different aspects to my day to day life. After some time, I realised some readers didn’t want to hear about all my work related posts, so I carved off another blog called TheKua At Work.

I now realise that not all of the visitors to this site care about all the different journeys I have with food as well, particularly when I travel overseas. I write about restaurants to help other people out, to provide better information about an experience at a place that I’ve eaten at, or where to find an unusual ingredient, or some other random topic about food. I search other people’s blogs when travelling to find out local places to dine at when travelling and only want to return the favour.

As a result, I’ve started another site, TheKua Does Food, where I will post all the food related entries you would normally find here. Feel free to add it to your RSS feed aggregator (if you have one), or just drop in for a visit now and again.