First post from the iPad

This weekend I went away for our UK office away day, our equivalent of an internal conference. It was a fun and exhausting weekend and part of the excitement was the presentation of the internal
iPad competition that my team of three competed in.

The prize was an iPad for each member of the winning team. To enter we had to come up with an idea and have a go at implementing it although the actual implementation wasn’t the heaviest weighting in the overall score including.

Fortunately our team won the iPad competition as well (details of the application will be announced when we release the application) and here I am having a go at trying to post my first blog entry from the device.

Initial impressions are very good although very hard to type as efficiently as you can on a computer with a keyboard to give tactile feedback.

How Tidy Is Your House?

Messy DeskI really enjoyed the entry that Rachel wrote giving “Refactoring” a normal name that ordinary people could understand. I like her synonymous term, “Tidying Up”, because it’s a great metaphor for understanding how important it is to any project in the long term.

There are obvious immediate side effects to tidying anything up. Things are easier to find, easier to move about and much easier to change. People who inherit or work in this “tidied up space” can do everything at amazing speeds. It also means that things can get messy quick. Fast forward three weeks and with all the changes, suddenly the “tided up space” no longer looks very tidy. Clutter begins to build up in piles, you see people duplicating effort, and then you need to start moving things around to even begin finding anything important. The clutter is slowing you down.

Tidy DeskIt’s important to keep on top of “tidying up” because it maintains your ability to stay fast. It also means that people coming along after you can work almost as fast as you (it still takes them time to adjust to finding where things are and where they should go). More importantly, those people following you need to understand how important it is to keep “tidying up”.

Thanks to lildude for the ‘Messy Desk’ picture and chaosbit for the ‘Tidy Desk’ one (both from flickr).