Where’s the good coffee?

Back home in Australia, Barista’s are generally a commodity and London could easily do with many more of them. Forget chain stores like Starbucks or Costa because I want to know more about the cafes that are worth going back to. I’m going to start writing about the best ones I find in London (since they’re so rare), so that you, too, can benefit from them.

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  1. There’s an Italian deli on Clerkenwell Road, near where it crosses Farringdon Road and on the corner of Eyre Street Hill (I think it is) that does great coffee at a reasonable price (1.70 for a latte or a cappuccino)

  2. Here here, coming from Kiwiland I can attest to this also. My picks are:
    1. Monmouth Coffee (Monmouth St Covent Garden and Borough Market)
    2. Flat White in Soho (Berwick St) – Very Antipodean as you can imagine from the name.

    Monmouth roast loads of different types of bean too, so if you have an espresso machine, this is the best place to buy.

  3. Thanks for the tips guys. Actually I’m in the middle of writing about Monmouth too. It’s supposed to be quite good. I’ve heard of Flat White as well. Keep ’em coming and I’ll definitely write up about them.

  4. Actually, I started making a Palatial map of cafe’s that I liked in London… but as usual I got bored after I had added a couple. I found this other guys map through him having the same cafe’s as me. He had some really good suggestions. You should check out his map of UK cafe’s.

    Palatial might be useful for you to map out your restaurant reviews as well (I find your suggestions very useful BTW).

  5. hi boss,

    i’m an australian barista who has just come to london looking for work. id found monmouth and flat white two days before coming across this blog. this is pretty damnably useful stuff. im looking for places like these, with actual passion for the bean.


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