Where’s the good coffee? Tinderbox

Tinderbox Store

When I head to the markets in Angel on the weekend, I make sure that I stop by this ‘espresso emporium’ found on Upper Street. It’s got a great set up – some tables outside, a tall bar by the window to look out onto the world, and then a very roomy interior complete with a sunlight and free wi-fi. Everything looks purposefully retro-styled with a shiny metallic espresso machine pumping out all the orders.


The coffee here is tasty with plenty of styles to choose from including your traditional espresso, americano, latte as well as the less mainstream macchiatos, and even the affogato. If you find yourself having a take away latte, you’ll only find your pocket a reasonable £1.90 lighter. Though less important to the coffee, Tinderbox also offer a variety of sandwiches, soft drinks, pastries and cakes.

Location: 21 Upper Street, Islington, N1 0PQ (Google map link)