Worst Long Haul Flight Ever

Although a trip to the West Coast of the States isn’t as bad as it can be flying home to Australia from the UK, it’s amazing how little things can make the trip a lot more painful. How’s this sound for a not-very-ideal trip:

  • An hour by train
  • Two hours at the Gatwick airport
  • A ten and a half hour flight into Dallas
  • Two hours standing in queue to get through immigration
  • You miss your connecting flight to Vegas by ten minutes
  • Another two hour wait in the airport for the next flight
  • Another three hour flight to Las Vegas
  • A half hour waiting for luggage only to discover it never made it on your flight

My only consolation was that my hotel had only one room left by the time I got there and it just so happened it was a Jacuzzi suite (click more to see the picture)

Room with a Jacuzzi

3 Replies to “Worst Long Haul Flight Ever”

  1. Wow, that looks impressive! Sad to hear about the nightmare journey but looking forward to your thoughts on Vegas none-the-less!

  2. That’s bad. I’ve had some doozies as well.

    Try 14 hours in the air from Chicago to Beijing, then 4 hours in a train station (having missed 3 trains for reasons I won’t bore you with), and 11 hours on the train (29 total hours of travel) to a rural corner of China, only to be made to wait until 6:00 p.m. for a 2:00 p.m. meeting.

  3. Woah. Your trip was pretty bad. It’s not much fun travelling when your itinerary gets screwed up by things out of your control.

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