Vegas Baby

In all my trips to the States I’ve never made it to Nevada, let alone Las Vegas. I’m off tomorrow for a few days staying in Las Vegas before I had to a work even, and I’m very excited about it since I’ve never been. I’m not a big gambler and I’m sure the commercialisation of everything is going to get to me after a while but I’ll enjoy the food opportunities at least. After that I’ll be heading to this year’s Retrospective Gathering in Phoenix which, although a work event, will be a great opportunity to meet with some of the best in the industry in this particular field.

4 Replies to “Vegas Baby”

  1. Buffet breakfast at Caesar’s Palace! If you go around 10am, you can get the changeover to the lunch buffet as well. Totally worth it!

  2. I would recommend the buffet at Treasure Island – Dishes restaurant. If you do make sure you have a rib or two for me!

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