Kick Ass

Over this Easter holiday period, I ventured down to Brixton (I’ve forgotten what it looks like during the day) to the very nice Ritzy cinema. Tickets are a bargain at this place charging only £7 for a ticket, and you can even pre-book allocated seats. Just like band venues like the Brixton Academy, and The Forum, the Ritzy still has it’s traditional theatrical decorations, making it a much more enjoyable experience watching the movie in such a great atmosphere. Anyway, back to the movie…

I had little expectations about this movie, other than what someone told me over a birthday bash at the start of the Easter break – be warned… it’s violent! Indeed. However, it’s almost violent in a black comedy sort of way. The story is simple, following the life of a high school kid who dares to dress up as a super hero without the lack of special powers. His act triggers a set of consequences that makes for a very laughable story. I’m amazed at hearing (post-movie) that this film was made with British money as well, apparently turned down by Hollywood – it certainly felt a lot more like an American movie than anything else. What an amazing production.

This movie won’t win any acting awards, but it’s a fun movie that has lots of laughs, enough squeamish parts and plenty of action. Great for the bank holiday weekend.