Back in Brisbane

I’ve spent the last week travelling between Bangkok and Brisbane only to return to Australia Marc and Amanda’s wedding on the Gold Coast this Friday. I spent a few days in Brisbane catching up with as many people as I could before heading down to the coast to spend time with the family and before I fly out to Melbourne for work.

It’s remarkable to see the differences in Brisbane having not been there for three and a half years now. Some things don’t change.

For instance the City Cat ferries are still going on providing links by those lucky enough to live, work or study so close to the river. It’s a fantastic way of getting around and Brisbane has done a lot to integrate more of the transport systems using an Oyster-like system to do so.

Brisbane’s bikeway are still popular as ever. Watching all the people cycling around made me miss how easy it was to get around, although once again, it’s only those lucky enough to already live on the bike paths – with very little provided for those living in the northern suburbs or those greater away from the Brisbane CBD. Instead, there are many more bridges (I think they have plenty now!) and a number of tunnels providing ways of bypassing the city centre. I would have liked to have seen more public transport develop, but I’m afraid it seems like most people drive everywhere.

Other things change such as St John’s Cathedral (pictured above) finally finished their building and construction. I think I remember them trying to fund raise lots of money and plenty of construction still to come. Like other things, Brisbane now has plenty more buildings and redeveloped areas including many CBD-based apartment blocks.

Even places like Chinatown have been redeveloped, although that area is looking much less Chinatown and much more inner city living. I can see the impact that places like Cathedral Place have had bringing more affluent younger people closer to the city.

There’s even a Wheel of Brisbane that gives you a fairly decent view of the city during the day, although the same tinting that keeps you from being roasted during the day makes it apparently impossible to see any decent views during the night.

I’m glad to see Brisbane continue to develop. The CBD is still heaving during the day, but the same quietness descends in the evening as the rush of people spread out to the outer suburbs. It feels slightly busier, but given the weather and the laid back way of life, it’ll never feel as busy as London ever does. I can’t complain about the weather though šŸ™‚

4 Replies to “Back in Brisbane”

  1. “but Iā€™m afraid it seems like most people drive everywhere”

    That’s a bad thing?

  2. Driving isn’t a bad thing in itself. Better public transport is the only sustainable way to match big growth in a city. Driving is nice but only if you’re not stuck in traffic.

  3. C’mon Ben where’s your green thinking?!! Public transport and cycling networks are the only sustainable ways forward for growing cities!

    Thanks for an excellent article Pat, especially the ‘changes’ bit, such great news they finally finished the cathedral…. made us miss home a bit more than we wanted to though.

  4. Thanks Stac. Don’t worry about Brissy too much. It’s not going anywhere any time soon. I’m constantly comforted by the fact that it’s such an easy lifestyle to slide into.

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