More Sunshine Skiing

I fit in another day’s skiing before heading back to the UK, returning to Sunshine Village and this time accompanied by a work colleague, Tory. I hadn’t realised this and apparently unlike it’s name, Sunshine isn’t usually known for its clear bright skies, often covered instead in a bank of clouds. We were therefore fortunate that it had plenty of sun and wasn’t as cold as it had been last week.

They hadn’t had much snow since the previous weekend though it was still perfectly enjoyable. Troy had his board with him and we did the sneaky thing of simply getting to the top of the gondola and hire the ski equipment at the top instead of waiting in line at the bottom. It’s almost the same sort of equipment although only offering intermediate and advanced ski equipment – something I didn’t mind paying a few extra dollars for.

I’m extremely thankful that I’ve been fortunate to fit in three visits to the slopes in the three weeks that I’ve been here. I’m a little skeptical about the apparent snow that lasts until the end of may and I’m tempted to bring all my stuff back with me when I briefly return to the UK for a quick conference visit. Either way, it’s been a great time.