Calgarian Coffee

Is surprisingly better than I expected. The standard Canadian drink of choice tends to be the filtered variety supplied by the mega chain named after ex-ice hockey star, Tim Horton. It’s still not the type of stuff I really want to drink though I have been challenged to the large double double at some stage.

My three top places for coffee so far include (in preferred order):

Other places worth visiting include The Roasterie, and Higher Ground. Artigiano’s wins out since it’s open early during the week, it’s within a reasonable walking distance of home and makes some great coffee that’s

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  1. Caffe Vergnano is finally coming to Canada! According to the poster in front of a shop on W.Broadway, Caffè Vergnano 1882 will be opening a coffee shop in Kitsilano soon. Can’t wait to taste if it’s any better than Caffè Artigiano! Thanks for sharing.

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