Farewell To More London Friends

I’m a little late posting this, as you can see from Gerrod.com, though I still wanted to write this up. Last Saturday I went out to Chiswick to farewell good friends Ben and Michelle as they go on a huge trip travelling around before heading back to Brisvegas. Here they are below:

Ben and Michelle

I can remember when I first arrived in London, one of the first things I did was attend a surprise birthday party Michelle organised for Ben and, I guess he was quite shocked to see me. It helps you, when moving to a new city, to have people you already know and having Michelle and Ben around is like the solid rock you get as a foundation to build on. I know they’ve had plenty of fun, lots of travel and met lots of new friends. I’m very glad they’ve had a great London experience.

John, Michelle and Ben

I wish them the best for their travels, and though I know I’ll be sad to not be able to catch up with them in London, I know I will see them sometime in the future. Best wishes guys and happy travels!