The Best Duck in Town

Chinese Roast Duck is one of those things that you either love or you hate. For some people its the fatty duck skin and the corresponding greasy flesh that turn them off, while for others, the crispy and the juicy tasty flesh is what they enjoy the most. If you have never had roast duck before, it certainly helps to go to some place where prepare it well and serve excellent quality birds.

Four Seasons is one of those Chinese restaurants in London most well known for their duck. I am lucky enough to live almost directly opposite it as well and I know how long their queues can get – even for takeaway. Like many Chinese restaurants, the window starts filling with deep red hanging ducks and other types of BBQ or roast meats just before lunch. In this particular restaurant, queues form rapidly on weekends cascading onto the already bustling Queensway.

Four Seasons

The cost of simple roast duck and rice served with cabbage is not exorbitant at only about £6, although a whole roast duck will obviously cost a lot more. Their BBQ meat is extremely tasty and you can get the combination of the two for the same price (but you obviously get less duck). I will be honest about this restaurant’s duck being slightly fatty, but maybe that is how they get the skin so crispy and full of flavour. As a local I don’t really want to make the duck a regular meal, and reserve it only for special occasions because it really is worth it.

I am yet to actually eat inside just because there are plenty of other great eateries and waiting for a table can be exhausting. I bet that they, like many other more upmarket or popular Chinese restaurants do, charge the more excessive 12.5% service on the end (which might be worth it for all I know).

Details: Four Seasons
Found On: 84 Queensway, London, W2 3RL
Contactable On: 0871 3328297
Highlights: Fantastic duck and a busy atmosphere to dine in directly opposite a very central tube station.
Improvements: Its popularity and small size means queues are inevitable
The Kua Rating: 8 out of 10

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about the duck, Pat – I love it, even though it’s a bit fatty – but Kristy can’t bring herself to eat it!

  2. I love Four Seasons’ duck rice. Whenever I’m in London I’ll surely eat it. Now I’m pregnant and I crave for it BUT I’m in Singapore… I wonder if there’s similar duck rice here.

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