Moving On

It really hit hard this week that everything was really happening. I felt a mixed bag of emotions leaving my current client yesterday, both excitement yet sadness. I had been there for almost 18 months, and had formed some great relationships with the people there. It had become a fun environment to work in, and the work itself was interesting.

In about four hours, I depart to work for the London office of my current company. It will be such a stark contrast from the small and disjoint Brisbane office that I have enjoyed working in since I joined. There will be over 25 times the number of employees in the office than what I am used to and will be thrilled to meet them all, especially those whose blogs I find myself reading.

From what I have read and heard from various people, the city of London offers so much more in a week than what you would get in a good month in Brisvegas and the travel opportunities to not so distant foreign cultures is just a few hours flight away. I’ve heard the food can be amazing, but I have prepared myself for the difficulty in getting some types of really fresh food. I’m looking forward to the music scene, and in one night being able to quickly compose a list for the rest of the year of such big name acts I’d be keen to see.

For the time being though, I’m looking forward to having a small break with a five day stop over in Dubai. I’ll try to post some pictures in my photo gallery, and some more stories depending on how easy it is to get access the Internet.

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  1. Thanks Jason. It was definitely hotter than any day that I’ve ever experienced in Australia. Thanks for the goodwill as well.

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