Joe’s Southern Kitchen (in London)

On one of my most recent flights I came across a short article about food trends in London. I certainly found myself agreeing with with the author who wanted London to get over its apparently never-ending openings of “American dirty food” Think of burgers, fried chicken, hot dogs (sometimes with champagne) and you get a gist of what the author was going on about.

With the opening of Five Guys and Shake Shack, most recently, I was impressed to hear of Navajo Joe’s undergoing a transformation, opening as “Joe’s Southern Food”

Although joining in with part of the “American dirty food” trend including what looked like good fried chicken, I was excited to hear about their “Beer-can BBQ chicken”, or a chicken roasted and BBQed whilst perched on top of a beer can. The idea is that the chicken remains moist whilst still acquiring the lovely smoked flavour around the coals.

As you can see, it looks pretty impressive when it arrives on its own carving trolley.

Along with the chicken you can order a number of sides, and I was quite impressed by the mac and cheese. Slightly saucy and tasty, it worked amazingly with their home made hot sauce.

The verdict? Impressive. Tasty, smoky skin that doesn’t feel greasy and super moist and flavoursome chicken meat that had a lot of taste even without the aid of all the sauces they had on offer.

I found service really friendly and quite attentive with our tap water frequently being refilled since it was a super hot day and we sat alongside their large glass windows by the entrance.

Name: Joe’s Southern Kitchen
Found at: 34 King St, Covent Garden, London WC2E 8JD

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