Funny foods of the world: Speculoos Spread

Maybe you have been given one of these biscuits when you ordered a coffee. Around Europe, these slightly spiced, cinnamon infused caramel biscuits often come with a cuppa.

Speculos Biscuit

It was only on our last ski trip that someone pointed out the biscuits come in a spreadable format, ideal for a piece of toast. I couldn’t really believe it, so I went down to our ski village’s Carrefour to hunt down a jar.


And there it was. Speculoos spread!!! I couldn’t really wait to try it until I got home, and you know what? It’s pretty darn good. Although probably completely unhealthy for you with ingredients such 57% being “Original Speculoos”, and the only other ingredients being sugar and oil, I have no idea why this product would really exist in France. It looks like its appeal is spreading 🙂 with a wider variety of jars available on this website.

Fortunately, the spread takes just like the biscuits. And with this, I’ve decided to see what other interesting foods I can find when I travel. I’ll continue adding them to this category.