Le Escargot in London

On a very bustling Saturday in Soho (it was Gay Pride this year), I met with my sister who wanted to try a French restaurant called Le Escargot. Dressed in just a T-shirt and jeans, I felt immediately underdressed after stepping into the dining room. Fortunately, the ruckus outside and the casual nature that is London, the staff didn’t mention anything and they still provided a very friendly service.

I was sat immediately as I waited and perused the menu. Classic French dishes abound. I wouldn’t describe any of the dishes as adventurous, nor anything that jumped out as exclusively new, but I assumed they would be able to execute them well.

Although I have enjoyed snails in the past, they aren’t exactly a dish that I would order without good reason. They certainly have an interesting, slightly chewy texture if cooked well. My sister ordered a set for her appetiser that looked beautifully presented.

I opted for a wild garlic soup, that I didn’t realise would arrive in a deep, stunningly green colour. Delicious and perfectly paired with crispy croutons.

My sister continued the classic French ordering with a Steak and Frites. Once again presentation beautiful although the frites weren’t as crisp as they possibly could have been.

I wanted something a bit lighter, a bit fresher so I ordered a fish dish that came accompanied with some fresh vegetables. The vegetables still had a good amount of bite, definitely not overcooked and vibrant in the colours.

Service was friendly although sporadic throughout the evening. Our waiter, a young gent had good table manners but seemed a bit stretched when dealing with all of his tables. I found this strange as there were a few others around who seemed to watch rather than attend to any service, and this was testament when we wanted to get the bill. Our meal filled us up, and instead of wanting dessert, we wanted to pay. It probably took about ten minutes to even flag someone’s attention and many minutes later to actually get the bill and pay. The only bad mark on the evening.

Name: Le Escargot
Found at: 48 Greek St London, Greater London W1D 4EF
Website: http://www.lescargotrestaurant.co.uk

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