Frühstück at the Steigenberger Hotel, Hamburg

I rarely have breakfast in the hotels that I stay in, particularly because mmost of the time they are overpriced and much heavier than what I really wnat to have (normally a bowl of muesli with skim milk and berries). I was booked into a very nice hotel in Hamburg (Steigenberger) and I thought I would at least try their breakfast once.

Though not cheap at €24, the breakfast is a buffet spread with the proper white clothed dining experience. Lead to my table, I was asked about tea and coffee, and I was first offered a pot of tea. The tea arrived in an impressive looking tea pot, complete with tea light caddy to help keep it warm. When I later went to the buffet spread, I could see the dozen or so high quality teas they also had on offer. I later switched to the coffee and the attendants were nice enough to even switch the glasses before bringing a pot of their classic German dark and strong coffee.

On to the buffet.

Though not the biggest selection, everything was pretty high quality. There are the usual cereal spread (a choice of about eight different types of mueslis and cereals), breads, fruit, cheeses and meats, and even a omellette/pancake station. Although tempted, I didn’t really want to wait in line and although I would normally love a pancake, this was more the crepe-style pancakes that do nothing for me.

Name: Steigenberger Hotel, Hamburg
Found at: Heiligengeistbrücke 4, 20459 Hamburg, Germany

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