Tierra Peru

Although not really intending to have more Peruvian, Noelia and I ended up at another Peruvian restaurant the same week we ate at Lima. On entering, this restaurant definitely felt like the type of place that Peruvian families would go on a regular basis. And probably drink a lot of Pisco Sours. Or something like that. Once again we thought it was a good excuse after the gym since it has egg white in it. Protein’s good for you right?

Hungry after the gym, we started first with the fish ceviche. The fish was a bit chunkier, the serve much more generous and presentation very rustic. More importantly the flavour was still very good. I particularly liked the additional of giant toasted corn kernals as it gave a very different textured crunchy to the zesty, slightly spiced fish.

We also tried a very interesting “fruto del mar”, a mix of seafood with mayonnaise and whole heap of other things. I liked this one less because it came across as a bit confused to me. Don’t forget I’m not exactly an expert on Peruvian food.

Noelia ordered the steak that was a huge portion that she didn’t finish. The steak, sliced into small strips and tossed with lots of other stuff was also served with rice and home made fries. I like peruvians, like the Chinese seem to enjoy their starch.

I ordered the “Carapulcra”, an interesting stew with both a pork rib and chicken. I would definitely order this again even though the pork rib was slightly tough and slightly fatty (some would say this is a good thing). I like the background hint of chilli and the slight smokiness that came out of the sauce.

Tierra Peru is a nice alternative that is much easier on the pocket and just as good for something different.

Name: Tierra Peru
Found at: 164 Essex Road Islington, London N1 8LY
Website: www.tierraperu.co.uk

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