Earlier this year, I read a blog about Peruvian food being the next “thing” and Lima was one of the first London restaurants to hit my reading radar. After talking it through with a friend fiercely passionate about Peruvian food (I’ve never been so can’t really say) we thought we’d check it out.

I think we were really lucky getting in before they really opened and lots of other foodies would hit. We started with a Pisco Sour, a very classic drink that is a little bit too easy to drink. I think we finished with a Pisco Sour if that gives you an idea of how easy they are to drink as well. The interior to Lima is bright, airy and very well modern. According to Noelia, my passionate Peruvian-loving friend, Lima takes on what one might imagine Peruvian food imported into a discerning and competitive Fitzrovian-based restaurant might be like.

We started with two ceviches. A classic white fish ceviche with the white tiger’s milk and decorated with crispy red onions bits. Absolutely delicious. The fish was still delicate, the sauce crisp with lime and a good bite from the background of the chilli.

We then tried a scallop tiradito but this time covered in a bright yellow chilli emulsion. Tasty, clean and zesty but the ceviche really worked better for me.

After reading about the dishes people ordered, I had to order the suckling pig confit served with puy lentils. The crispy skin was absolutely devine, the flesh fall about fantastic and succulently moist – a really good combination balanced by the rest of the dish.

My dining partner went for the halibut, that was beautifully presented, well cooked but didn’t seem to have as much flavour as the pork. I thought the corn parfait was a really interesting spin on the entire dish as well.

Name: Lima London
Found at: 31 Rathbone Place London W1T 1JH

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