Banquet at Mike and Vanessa’s

A while ago, I’d promised to work with Mike and Vanessa to put together a bit of a feast. We got a few friends and family in and indulged in a huge amount of food. Mike and Vanessa hosted in their new flat (it has heaps of space) and we all enjoyed the night. I think we kicked off somewhere around half past six and before we know it, it was already midnight with some people having to leave to catch the last tube home.

Here’s what we had in the banquet:

Japanese Gyoza as appetisers. Crispy on the bottom, and steamed pastry encasing a cabbage and pork mixture.


We then served all of the main dishes including:

Singapore Chilli Crab – A tomato based sauce infused with chilli, ginger, coriander, garlic, herbs and spices bound together with egg and served with freshly steamed man tao.


Beef Rendang – Slow cooked beef in a reduced coconut and curried coating to the point where all the meat falls apart in your mouth so delicately.


Pad Thai – Thai style rice noodles mixed with various proteins, vegetables and the special Pad Thai sauce, topped with peanuts and lemon wedges.


Chinese Beans – Green beans crisped stir fried and served while still firm


We started finishing off dinner with some winning dessert wine that Mike and Vanessa picked up somewhere on their holidays in Germany.


Dessert then followed with coffee in the form of Pistachio Biscuits and Pistachio Ice Cream.


Great company. Delicious food. What more do you need?

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