The Breakfast Club

A couple of weeks ago, I had to visit a client working near Old Bond Street. Figuring it’d be a nice way to spend the morning, I thought I’d seek out somewhere to have breakfast before work. I ended up the Soho Breakfast Club. I found it a pleasant surprise indeed.

Club Rules

The Breakfast Club is easily identifiable with an exterior painted brightly in yellow. According to their website they are located in two other parts of London including Shoreditch and Angel. Their interior is exactly how you’d imagine a casual cafe to look, with antiquated tables, slightly rickety chairs and wooden benches. The barista counter confronts you as you walk in but take a seat in order to place your order instead.


I remember it being surprisingly busy for a Thursday morning. Their customers included a wide variety of people, some business people obviously meeting over a coffee, a number of people simply reading their morning paper or reading their email over breakfast. Others, simply off for the morning to have a leisurely breakfast.

The menu offerings are simply and to the point. No larger surprises here including everything from pancakes, the classic english breakfast, cereals, and all other varieties of tea and coffee. I ordered the american style breakfast (basically english but with a small pancake on the side). I thought great value for only about £7 or £8. As it arrived, it definitely was great value as I walked out of there with maple syrup and hot breakfast happiness overwhelming me.

I’m tempted to go on weekends although I know how busy the whole area gets. I’ll definitely go back if I ever get a day in the office.

Name: The Breakfast Club
Location: 33 D’Arblay St, London, W1F 8EU

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