Where’s the good coffee: Wild & Wood

In my last post, I eluded to visiting another good coffee store. I was fortunate enough to work out of our main office instead of client site for a day. I had stumbled across Wild & Wood on a Sunday and noticing how new it was and a big sign that says “We serve Monmouth Coffee!) Colleagues in the office confirmed rumours that Monmouth had put up their prices, so that made it easy for me to think about trying somewhere new. I mean, fresh organic Jersey milk and the same Monmouth beans had to have some potential right?


The cafe is best described as wide but shallow. A table by the window tempts you with some wicked looking cakes, biscuits and pastries while a whole pile of sandwiches and baguettes called out to be bought. I was a little surprised when I entered because they don’t have the counter that most places have, and so it feels like you’re confronted by the two attendants there. Of course, they were helpful and friendly so it wasn’t really a big deal. Just a bit surprising instead.

Like most serious coffee stores these days, Wild and Wood serve a decent flat white, though they only charge a measly £1.90 for it. I feel a little bit traitorous to Monmouth because I would definitely go back if I had another day near the office. It was really that good.

Name: Wild & Wood
Address: 1 New Oxford Street London WC1A 1BA
Website: None that I could find

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  1. I went to Wild and Wood yesterday. The service was so appalling that I decided to complain – I was immediately told to pay and get out repeatedly in an extremely threatening manner. When I asked to see the manager, unfortunately it emerged this awful individual was the manager, and so there was little I could do.

    I turned to my friend and vocalized my feelings about the manager, at which point he grabbed me, put his HANDS ON MY THROAT and physically threw me out of the shop.

    As I was waiting for the police to arrive, the waitress and the manager both came out to continue threatening me. While the manager told me it was going to get personal, the waitress made the irrelevant comments that 1) Wild and Wood is not Starbucks, and 2) they have the right not to serve me. My issue was of course with the physical assault.

    The police asked if I wished to prosecute, and I decided against it as I am very busy. I would just urge customers to avoid this cafe if you value service or your physical well-being.

  2. I’m really disappointed to hear this. I haven’t ever experienced anything like this before. The coffee was good the last time I went there.

  3. I was a frequent customer at this coffee shop, but not anymore. In the first days, of my visits to this place, I did find the guys who run it, alright and interesting. But the manager, Kit (not his real name) is such a timewaster. As a presss photographer, for News Interational he wasted my time, in five seperate occassions – for turning down a photoshot opportunity. What a fucking wanker. Kit is a cunt.

  4. Kit (not his real name) gives me the creeps. I am very dubious about that geezer. As a press photographer for News International, I should’ve hacked his mobile phone, but doing that will result, me ending up in the Old Bailey.

  5. Is Kit the guy with a Mediterranean complexion and a beard? He told me to “fuck off” when I asked for extra milk.

  6. Bloody Hell!!! Kit was telling you to “fuck off”, just for asking for some extra milk. I know he can be very out of order most of time. I know for a fact that Kit is full of pure malice, I will trust him at all. He is just a snake. Kit is the one to avoid.

  7. Sorry, I’ve mis-typed something in the last posted comment.
    I will never trust Kit. He is the one to avoid. A snake.

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