Perfect day for Cricket at Lords

My friend, Alex, had the great idea of booking a Sunday Twenty20 cricket match at Lord’s. Although I knew that I would arrive back from Brazil on the Saturday, I thought the £20 for a ticket would be worth keeping the option open of going.

We watched a match between the Sussex Sharks and the Middlesex Panthers and sat underneath a glorious London summer sun to enjoy the match as well. Lord’s is a fantastic ground – they had good food for those that wanted to eat (pies, fish and chips, and a burger stand where all the food looked pretty good). They also had a couple of tea and coffee stands as well as ice cream, that proved extremely popular given the heat.

The drinks stands were well manned and not only did they give you paper trays to carry the drinks, they also had the option of a plastic lid to ensure your drink of choice (beer, pimms, etc) did not spill on the way up to the stands. Very civilised! In the end, the Middlesex Panthers beat out the sharks, and given the required run rate, I doubted they would be able to catch up as the Panthers played extremely well in the first half. Here are some pictures that capture the day.