Budapest Half Marathon

Done! One of my biggest goals for the year was finishing a half marathon. I was debating about where and when I should do one and settled upon the one in Budapest. It turned out to be a great choice with both London and Berlin averaging around twenty degrees and enough rain to make it worth it, we settled on a very hot (30 degrees) and wonderfully sunny Sunday morning with a running route that went along both sides of the Danube up and down the main streets of the city.

Although I’d been training all year, I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to run the time in. My goal was to simply finish the race (the next one can be improvement) and given that I had a small knee injury leading up to, wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to be one of those people that get picked up by the trailing vans that carry people around.

Fortunately I finished the 21km in 2:02:48 a time I was very happy with. I was very impressed by how well organised everything was although the medal engraving coudl have done with some better organising (turning into a very random name calling section that doesn’t really scale well for the 8000 participants in the half marathon).

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  1. My wife did a halfmarathon only two weeks ago. I was her trainer, and I also ran with her the race. My point: it doesn’t matter how far you run, as long as you try something new and expand your limits. That said, I have a huge amount of respect for everyone who does a race no matter what distance for the first time. Again, congrats and kudos!

  2. Hi Me,

    I didn’t win the half marathon – came about halfway in all the men’s rankings, but I guess it’s just something I built up. My knees are much worse for it now 🙁

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