One of the hardest parts of of being a travelling consultant can be planning optimal holidays in advance. For example, I had a summer trip planned for Paris, although this meant a trip back from Berlin to London only to Eurostar it out to Paris first thing the next morning and then a reverse route to get back to Berlin on the Monday morning.

Nevertheless, it’s always great to visit the French capital, full of little boulevards, and winding streets, amazing pastries, reasonable coffee and just a great atmosphere.

I’ve noticed that when you travel for work and then go on holiday, I want to do just wander and relax rather than trying to see lots of different things and do plenty of activities. This is rather easy for nice cities that have heaps on offer that I’ve visited before.

The other great thing about Paris is knowing a few people and I got to catch up with Sat who’s living in Paris with his girlfriend telling me the whole low-down of life as an IT consultant in Paris and the difficulties of working in the rather hierarchical organisations.

Although the storm clouds threatened at times during the weekend, I was fortunate to have much better weather than both London and Berlin that had terrible storms for that weekend in particular.