Dinner @ Home

Last year, when I caught up with Gerrod and Kristy at Sitaaray, I promised to invite them around for dinner sometime this year. Last night was the first night that worked out for all of us, so they trooped to the other side of town to join a friend, Darci, and my flatmate, Tom, in our digs in Clerkenwell. Not surprisingly, everyone got tripped up by normal weekend tube maintenance work but everyone made it eventually. Here’s some of what I managed to get around to serving:

Some nibbles in the form of Baked Zucchini Chips

Accompanied by some home made kaiser rolls and butter

I never got a chance to take a picture of our appetiser, which was a truffle, mushroom and sundried tomato orzo with rocket. This was then followed up by the main course, a duo of pies – a Steak and ale for the omnivores and a mushroom and stilton pie for the vegetarians followed up with all the trimmings.

We finished the evening off with a Seasonal Pear Crumble served with a homemade Pear and Honey Sorbet with a matching dessert wine.

It’s always great catching up with everyone and preparing a filling meal to be enjoyed by all.

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  2. Hi Stac!

    I think it definitely went down well. Fairly creamy and fairly strong tones of honey. I would have liked a stronger pear flavour, but it’s pretty delicate.

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