New York Subways

SubwayOne big difference I’ve noticed since coming to New York after living in London is how upfront people asking for money are. In one day alone I think I had about five different groups of people go through my subway car asking for money. Some of the more memorable ones since being here include:

  • A Mexican guy that played his guitar who never spoke a word of English, singing in Spanish, tipping his hat as a suggestion and saying thank you in Spanish.
  • A group of young kids (12 or 13 years old) who went outright and admitted they were trying to make money for themselves accepting donations and selling Starburst lollies (or candies as they say here)
  • A guy who had had his legs amputated sitting in a wheelchair who moved down a carriage at a time at each subway stop asking for donations.
  • A normal homeless guy rattling his cup as he walks through all the carriages.
  • Another homeless guy asking for anything (food, clothing or money to spare) using a story that he just had an operation on his leg.

2 Replies to “New York Subways”

  1. My favourite was the blind guy who was quite able to walk through the train, avoiding all the people, bags and poles, asking for money to help him as he can’t see!!

  2. i thought its only on trains in Indonesia that i can find those kinds of people. new york has it too then!!
    i sometimes feel so bad to those people. in my opinion, they can do anything else for living rather than asking money from people. coz i’ve seen many people with handicapped do earn their own living by working and not by asking for others money

    greetings from Indonesia

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