Congratulations Ben and Michelle!

This entry goes out to two fantastic people who gave me a good reason to come back to Australia (see below):

Ben and Michelle

On this Saturday just gone, I was able to witness the union of two very good friends, Ben and Michelle on, what turned out as, a perfect Saturday afternoon by the river in Tenerife. I’ve been lucky to know these two people for a while, and it wasn’t so long ago that I remember eating dinner with them (and Jamie!) on, what would turn out to be, one of their early “dates”. It’s great to have seen their relationship blossom over the years and that I’ve been able to spend great times with them on many occasions both in Brisvegas and abroad.

The arrangements were exceptionally executed from overseas, all orchestrated with the help of Michelle’s parents, Ray and Maree and the smooth running events were enjoyed by the 90+ crowd of people who attended. Brisbane had, what I will remember for some time (I am in London these days after all!), the clearest of bright blue skies with moderate temperatures and light winds, heightening the already perfect event. The MC, Gerrod was a blast, and all enjoyed the speeches.

The gourmand in me really delighted in the fine food and wine that was served for the evening that really made a display of the quality of Australian produce. My king prawn salad was beautifully fresh, the almost freakishly large prawn meat was so sweet and the smell attesting to its freshness. I scored big time with the plump rare steak for dinner as it was incredibly juicy simply full of flavour. The chefs had encrusted it with a delicious coating of some kind, but it simply did not last on my plate long enough for me to just analyse. The evening’s meal was finally rounded off with slices of the wedding cake and a delightful duo of chocolate cups and a delicate custard tart, both simply divine!

I had a delightful time, and the long plane trips and small amounts of jetlag was totally worth experiencing just so I could share this moment with you guys. Congratulations to the both of you! More photos can be seen here.