Starting A New Collection

My kit of development tools never seems to cease expanding from the sheer multitude of technologies, techniques and amazing people to learn from. In contrast to my development kit, the other one that I am trying to kindle more awareness of, the process toolkit, grows much more slowly because there aren’t as many people as impassioned or maybe aware of what is a useful thing to try. I am lucky to have worked with some great people, subscribe to some good blogs and I am willing to learn from other people’s experiences.

The first step in learning about anything (thanks Dave and Ade) is to Expose Your Ignorance, and in doing this I hope that others can benefit from this. As I find something that I really like, I’m going to blog about what I think are effective practices that are worth adding to a toolkit, starting with a series of Retrospective Exercises. I look forward to any comments and I hope to add more to these as time passes and apply them to my future projects.