An Introduction to the “He Who Knows” Challenge

Just like my mate, Ben, we’ve both been challenged by a colleague at a common former employer of ours. This mutual colleague of ours has spent a fair amount of time in London, and going by the moniker, ‘He Who Knows’, has requested the following:

I submit a challenge to you young Kua. I would like a Kua-rating on the following.

  • The hot chocolate at Amato.
  • The espresso at Bar Italia.
  • The G&T at the Finsbury Circus Lawn Bowls club.
  • The little Italy Long Island Iced Teas.
  • The Conran restaurants.
  • The extension to the British Library.
  • The new Baltic Exchange.
  • The Kua newspaper of choice.
  • The pret-a-manger experience.
  • The Leadenhall fishmonger.
  • The Boro markets.
  • The Evensong at Southwick cathedral.

Can you succeed where others have failed ?

Not one to back down from a challenge, I intend on properly getting around to all of the places and giving them the proper review. There are no guarantees on how fast I’ll get around to doing these, but I can assure you that each one will be appropriately reviewed in due time. Watch this space.

2 Replies to “An Introduction to the “He Who Knows” Challenge”

  1. Please inform young Bender of my memory slip in regard to the bowls club being at Finsbury circle.
    Good man.

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