Bowaters at The Compleat Angler

Although I had many breakfasts staying at the Compleat Angler in Marlow, I never ate their for dinner. When I returned to Marlow, this was our destination of choice. Bowaters has two different rooms, one closer to the weir/lock where you have a continuous flow of water, and the other, slightly open-aired dining room overlooking the river to the church. With the great warm and sunny weather we enjoyed the open-aired dining room (pictured below).

Their menus is best described as modern European, the modern being the take of some slightly interesting ingredients and cooking techniques. They obviously haven’t made it past the novelty of foam just yet. Everything was perfectly executed as well, including a constant top up of four types of bread (sesame, brown, white and tomato) throughout the evening.

For starters I debated getting the goats cheese panna cotta and beetroot salad though opted out after hearing about how rich it might end up with. Someone else decided to order it (shown below) so at least I got to see how well presented it was.

Instead I opted for the clear chicken soup that arrived in a tiny serving bowl yet packed full of flavour. This was, hands down, one of the best bowls of chicken soup I’d had for some time. Served with leeks and potatoes, it was actually a pretty filling starter at that.

Next up were the mains. Picture below is the pancetta wrapped turbot, watercress salad and the dastardly foam. Reportedly well cooked and tasty.

I ordered the pork done two ways (belly and medallion) and although the belly could have been softer, was definitely well seasoned and tasty. On top sits an apple mixture and then served with a potato stack on the right. Mmm…

Who were we to resist dessert as well? Half the table when with the molten chocolate dessert served with ice cream and beautifully presented with cocoa and chocolate drops.

The other side of the table decided for the tequila burnt cream (creme brulee) accompanied with ginger shortbread. Although wonderfully executed, the tequila flavour wasn’t strong enough to shine through the crisp sugary topping and the shortbread only had the slightest of ginger flavours. I still definitely enjoyed this dessert.

We didn’t seem to have a dedicated attendant throughout dinner, and as a result we seemed to have mixed service. If it was the sommelier, he didn’t do anything to help us pick the wine and we found ourselves pouring for ourselves on empty glasses only to find the sommelier returning to our freshly poured glasses. One waiter and waitress did provide exceptional service with friendly attitudes and the best kind of service – the sort you tend not to notice throughout the evening.

Name: Bowaters at the Compleat Angler
Found at: Macdonald Compleat Angler, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, SL7 1RG GB