Dinner at The Delauney

Trying to catch up with Luca to hear how his trip to China went, we agreed to meet for dinner on the Bank Holiday at The Delauney. I was intriguied to see how the dinner service would compare to my only experiences there for breakfast. Firstly, service is impeccable.

Delauney Bread

I don’t remember if there was a cover charge or whether or not we were charged for the bottled fizzy water (which was just refilled again and again) but we did get some very well executed bread and butter on the table. The ala carte menu appears very confused and out of place with their posh decore. Although appropriately matching their “Austrian-ness” there are schnitzels and wieners on the menu (including one served on a hot dog bun), but then you have a number of English dishes and general European ones as well.

Chicken Soup

Wanting something warm to drink, I opted for the chicken noodle soup above (£6.95). The stock was clear, full of flavour although the noodles were a bit more like the stuff you’d expect in a cup-of-soup rather than something like that. Although delicious, found this to be one of their more pricy dishes.


For my main, I opted for the Kedgeree as I’d never had it before. What arrived was a bowl of soup in a rich curry sauce. Throughout it, laid hidden, were chunks of flaked smoked haddock and topped with a perfectly poached egg that burst with yolk on cutting through. A rich, delicious and decadent dish worth the £12 price.

White Asparagus

I also ordered the white asparagus (£10.50) as a side because I knew that it was in season, and they are really delicious when fresh. The asparagus came “Rhein-Pfalz” which arrived heavily dressed in a sauce coating with lots of capers, vinegar and other ingredients. Yum.


Luca ordered a beautifully cooked and extremely well presented plate of fish. I think it was the Sea Trout with samphire, peas, broad beans and soft herbs (£18.25) that was apparently very tasty as well. I know that samphire is delicious and is the perfect accompaniment for an animal from the sea.

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