Brazilian Açaí

I’m glad that Rio de Janeiro was the first stop on my holidaying trip as I have been eating very well and it will no doubt show soon after. I have managed to steer clear of indulging in too many of the bad things. After all, Brazil definitely inherited the sweet-tooth from Portugal as well as their love for many of the fried foods like Brazilian croquettes (Coxihna) or the Pastel

One of the dishes I haven’t been able to avoid though is Açaí which is available in most fruit juice bars or snack places.

In Rio it is quite common to also have the option of putting extra things into it such as protein powder for the perfect post workout snack.

As you can tell from the pictures I tried it in a number of places. It is best treated a lot like you would any sort of shake. I suspect that a lot of these shakes have significantly more sugar than you might think. They typically blend the fruit with the ice (probably sugar) and then I have read, a number of other types of berries.

Of course the price varies between cheap, where it’s more likely to be less real fruit and more sugar and ice to other places but expect to pay anywhere between R$5-12 depending on what you add.

One of the typical toppings is apparently tapioca or granola and maybe with that, they become enough of a meal to tide you for some time. To me, they were good for a snack.

And, of course, highly recommended.

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