UVA in Funchal, Madeira Islands

One of the restaurants that took a while to find when looking for enjoyable dining experiences in Funchal was UVA. I have no idea why, because they have all the makings of a good experience. Reasonable prices (€35 for three courses, €50 for 4), a great wine menu, very good service and a very decadent interior. Perhaps people don’t write about it because they want to keep it well hidden, but here I am writing about it for your benefit!

Poolside at Hotel The Vine

The restaurant is located on the pool level of the Hotel the Vine, and bookings are recommended. We were able to book the day we wanted to go, but I’m not sure they did multiple seatings and the restaurant was definitely full for most of the evening.


Some of the food we had included Steamed black scabbard fish with basil, tomato chutney vinagerette, risotto, Roasted sea bream pave, vegetables and seasonal fruits tangine, poultry sauce, Roasted duck filet with creamy polenta and chestnut, sautéed spinach, celery, Spices cake with chestnut and quince confit, chestnut ice cream and quince sorbet, and Fresh peppermint in jelly and ice cream, soft Valrhona grand cru chocolate moelleux. I think for this post the pictures speak for themselves.

I will say that the experience was wonderful and we even thought of booking a second meal to try a number of the other dishes.

Name: UVA
Found at: Hotel the Vine, Rua dos Aranhas, Nº 27 – A, Funchal
Website: http://www.hotelthevine.com/en/uva.html

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