Le Clin D’Oeil in Morzine

During our ski trip, we had some of the most sumptuous three course meals as well as a cheese platter that we didn’t really eat out except for the one night that our wonderful chalet hosts had off. Negin did some reading on Tripadvisor to find one that had good reviews, so we got a table of 12 booking for the restaurant on the Wednesday of our trip for Le Clin D’Oeil

Le Clin D'Oeil

The restaurant, I think owned by a French lady, is cosy and not too far from the town centre. Although offering food well suited for the slopes, their real speciality is the southern French food such as duck confit, cassoulet and duck breast. The serves are extremely generous, and we didn’t realise this until after they arrived.


Several of us decided to see if we could order a raclette to share as an appetiser, and that, itself was plenty already, let alone the main meals we ordered for later. The raclette arrived at the table and since I sat at the join of our L-shaped table (12 is a bit of weird number for them), I was in in prime raclette scraping (and eating!) position.


The usual accompaniments arrived such as a charcuterie platter of various hams, onions and pickles, potatoes and some bread. I particularly enjoyed the grilled cheese on bread item.

Remains of the Raclette

As you can see above, Negin was pretty good at dishing out the cheese.


Other people ordered the venison rack (show above), apparently very tasty and a very generous serve. I, on the other hand, braved the cassoulet after a recommendation from the owner about eating something very hearty. I really didn’t need it though.


Fortunately this rich, complex dish of sausage, duck meat, pork, and beans was absolutely divine. Topped with a little crisp crumb, the stew-like sauce had so much flavour and even though I was full, I wanted to keep on eating more. The duck leg on top somehow managed to get a crisp skin on top amongst all that stew, and everything in it was just so rich and tasty. My advice to you if you ever go – if you plan on dessert or an appetiser, get the smaller version.


Others shared a fondue, whilst others shared the hot stone grill which also came with a ridiculous amount of meat where a lot of it went uneaten.

Hot stone grill

The service was great, the food absolutely top notch and one that I would definitely return to, if in the area.

Name: Le Clin D’Oeil
Found at: 63 Route du Plan, Morzine, France
Website: http://www.restaurant-leclin.com/

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