Breakfast at Christopher’s

I’ve heard a lot of Christopher’s and although I had heard about it, didn’t realise where it was in Covent Garden, lot alone what sort of food it served. I met my Italian friends their for a Sunday brunch to catch up to see how they were.

Being Sunday, we decided to live a little and whilst others stood with the classic Bloody Mary, I took the opportunity to be efficient in the caffeine and the alcohol hit and go for the espresso martini. Well presented and with a double whammy of effect.

A “starter” of pancakes were ordered. They were pretty small after all and were pretty light and fluffy.

And then being quite gluttonous, going for a “main” of eggs benedict served with a hash brown. Both eggs perfectly poached, wonderfully citrusy hollandaise as it should and a bit more carb loading with a hash brown.

The atmosphere is very nice, and I have to admit I felt a little under dressed in the white-table clothed environments with just a jumper, t-shirt and jeans. Fortunately the service was just as wonderful and nothing really noted or observed.

Name: Christopher’s
Location: 18 Wellington Street, Covent Garden, London. WC2E 7DD

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