Johan P

My friend, Alistair, who visits Malmo often work recommended Johan P as a restaurant for us to meet. It’s a little bit more pricey that your standard restaurant in Malmo mainly because it does some really clean consistent flavours centered around fresh seafood. In fact, when our waitress presented the menu to us, most of the seafood dishes had some sort of substitution because the catch of the day was very different.

We started with some nice crusty bread that actually had a pretty moist crumb. The butter was soft, slightly salted and very easy to spread on the bread.

We both started by splitting a bowl of lobster bisque. It came with a generous claw, lots of lobster chunks and a few mussels. The broth is exactly how I would have imagined it – strong in seafood flavour, deep but not too rich and thick.

I can’t remember what sort of fish this had, but it came served with a small number of calamari, a mashed potato stack, and a very rich tomato sauce and fresh beans. The fish was perfectly cooked – soft and flaky without being overcooked. The balance in the dish was also great. I thought the intenseness of the tomato sauce might overpower the fish, but because the fish had a very meaty flavour, it definitely stood up to the strength of the sauce. The calamari was soft, and probably not needed. A slight bit of decadence not necessary but definitely appreciated.

This restaurant still has a nice dining area, and is slightly off from the bustling square at Lilla Torg. It’s a bit quieter, so probably more suitable for catching up with people, or a business meal, but you definitely pay a lot more for it. We skipped desserts and headed to Rosen for a dessert drink instead.

Name: Johan P
Found: Landbygatan 5, Malmö (just off Lilla Torg Square)

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