Inamo is a Japanese restaurant that has sat in the heart of Soho for a long time. It’s a pretty well known for its “gimicky” touch table where you place your order via the complex menus. Apparently you used to be able to use the entire table top, instead the “touch” part is limited to the corner part of the table instead. Given the “service” is pretty much limited to people bringing you food, I find it a bit cheeky they still want you to pay 12.5%.

Here’s the menu divided into appetisers, mains, side dishes and drinks. Prices aren’t cheap either with most appetisers starting at almost £6 heading towards £8 and the mains averaging £15. Unfortunately the portions are on the small size as well.

Here’s one of the “small plates” of a california roll with only four pieces.

The aubergine was a much better dish. Silky flesh with lots of flavour. Once again a bit of a small portion.

I guess of the reasons that Inamo has managed to stay open is that it serves pretty tasty food and the “gimick” works well for the first visit. I’m not super keen to go back considering you get better value for money at many other London places and the service totally isn’t worth the 12.5%.

Name: Inamo
Found at: 134-136 Wardour St, W1F 8ZP

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