Drinking Spots in Chicago

We went drinking a number of times in Chicago and although I neglected to take any photos, I would definitely recommend the following places depending on what you want:

  • Sepia – A great place to drink some interesting cocktails. We went here just after having dinner at Avec for nightcap and heading home. The interior is decorated like the 20s, or sepia tones with a great bar decorated with books and photography equipment around the place. Comfy lounge chairs welcome you to fall back and enjoy your drinks
  • Sable – We had a two hour wait before our table was ready for Frontera Grill so we went for a couple of drinks beforehand to Sable. This bar has floor to ceiling glass windows to the street and high chaired tables lining a narrow corridor. I believe this is the pre-drinking spot before people head into the restaurant although you can order food in the bar area as well. A very nice bar although the atmosphere is slightly ruined by the TVs showing sports behind the bar. What is with that? A great selection of cocktails and didn’t get a chance to look at the food.
  • Elephant and Castle – As one would expect from a place like this, a British themed pub serving British foods like Fish and Chips, Chicken Pot Pie and Irish Stew alongside a broad range of British and European beers and ales. The London Pride I had was pretty good although it was strangely super cold to the point of being almost tasteless. I had to let it warm up a bit to get any sense of the flavour).

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