Greenleaf London

Greenleaf is the latest surprise to be sprung around the insides of Holborn. The interior is bright and inviting – quite different from your very traditional Chinese restaurant. Clean white marble table tops replace white tablecloth typically quickly stained with tea. We went on an opening offer for 50% off and were one of three tables for the night.

They brought us spicy prawn crackers to nibble on whilst we perused the menu, though decided on a very large feast to follow.

You can see a very different, non-typical Chinese restaurant – easily mistaken for a different one.

We started with the ribs as a starter, soft enough to pull off the bone, though a bit worryingly fried.

The scallops were much better. Smoky and generous in their serving with beautiful scallop shells.

I’ll generally order aubergine in most restaurants – the meaty flesh offering deliciousness and Chinese style with minced pork and a bit of salty fish brings a strong umami element to the entire dish. Fortunately this one wasn’t as oily as I originally expected.

The fujian fried rice (egg fried rice, topped with a saucy seafood/duck combination) was exceptionally well done.

And finally a whole fish served with sesame oil, spring onions and soy. A classic and very well done dish.

I have to say that I was quite impressed by the meal, and made even better by the 50% off deal they have currently going. I’m not sure whether I’d pay the full price but the at least the quality of the food was worth it. One thing that I can say is the awkwardness of the attendants who seemed to hang around much more than they really needed to, whisking away bowls whenever we were done, topping up water at the slightest drink but awkward in that we would have enjoyed more privacy without them being so obvious.

Name: Greenleaf Restaurant
Found at: 48 Red Lion Street, WC1R 4PF
Website: None found

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