Spoon Restaurant in Budapest

Budapest has a huge selection of floating, moored boats for the unsuspecting (or even the suspecting tourists). After running the half marathon, we headed on down here given such a lovely day to have a very late lunch. We’d come down here before scoping out each boat and decided upon Spoon.

It seemed modern, a decent menu and popular based on the number of people on the boat, but all who could also be unsuspecting tourists drawn in by other previous crowds. No matter, as we were pleasantly surprised.

The menu is a surprising mix of Hungarian foods and Italian ones. We started with two more common local dishes, my sister opting for the sweeter and strangely pink, Apricot Soup.

Where I went for the more traditional paprika-laced Goulash Soup. Fortunately I found my light and refreshing with chunks of vegetables and a small number of beef bits.

Carbing it up, we both also decided to follow this up with pasta. I definitely needed more energy after the long morning run. I think this was some sort of Porchini Mushroom pasta

And mine was the seafood pasta served with huge prawns, lovely fresh lemon juice and strong sun dried tomatoes. Mmm.

We were surprised by how good the food was going to be in this place. Service was unbelievably friendly and we ended up having a very nice view of the river from our table.

Pleasantly surprised by the experience I wouldn’t hesitate to return. You will pay a bit more compared to other restaurants, but it is still an experience that won’t break the bank.

Name: Spoon Cafe Lounge
Found at: 1052 Budapest, Vigadó tér 3. kikötő, Hungary
Website: http://www.spooncafe.hu/

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