Budapest’s Mix Restaurant

One of the biggest surprises for me as dining at the Mix Restaurant. It’s located almost directly opposite a main train station, and arriving for their superb value for money lunch offer, was a little bit worried that more people were seated at the nearby restaurant. Nevertheless, we still wanted to try out the place. The lunch offer is pretty amazing value with a two course for HUF1500 (~£4.50) or three courses for HUF2000 (~£6).

Of course drinks add up and with a couple of drinks (non alcoholic!) we still managed to double our bill. Considering how good the food was, and already felt like we were underpaying I don’t think this was too much of a problem for us.

Their menu offers a diverse selection with plenty of interesting dishes I could have ordered even if I wasn’t going for the lunch time offer. It just means going back in the evening another time to try it out.

Being a club as well as restaurant, they had a huge assortment of tables sitting outside. Facing the old school train station, it was a wonderful way of soaking up some sun and enjoying the lively atmosphere of people going by.

For starters, my sister had the meatball soup, quite literally containing only a single meat ball. The soup itself was a clear broth, untouched like the creamy french soups and apparently very tasty.

Needing some greens and vegetables to offset the dish to come, I opted for the mushroom salad, packed full of flavour and delicious.

I wasn’t really enthused by the paprika chicken on offer, but got to try a little bit of the one my sister offered. A bit bland for my liking.

The ribs on the other hand served with paprika roasted potatoes were perfect. Surprisingly with some kick and amazing tender, just like good ribs should really be.

We finished off with a couple of desserts, literally stuffed from all this food. We had the mango pudding and the cherry cake both of which I could really have passed on. The latter was a recommendation by our waiter being quite a traditional dish and as I learned throughout the weekend, cakes in Hungary tend to be based on weird jelly like concoctions, not the light cakes one is used to in the UK.

Pretty great food, amazing value and a great place to boot, it’s hard not to recommend this place. Of course, I have no idea what it’s like dining when it’s also a club, but it seemed like a pretty great place to be.

Name: Mix
Found at: 1062 Budapest, Teréz körút 55-57, Hungary

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