Get Some White Trash Into Ya

Located just down from where our office is a place whose names just begs you to come in just to see what’s inside, White Trash Fast Food. Its a confused mix of too many cultures – Asiatic symbols and decorations adorn the outside, strange movie memorabilia line the walls and dot the roof, pinball machines dotted around and all serving American style fast food.

We came here on a Friday evening, and it’s a definitely popular spot with some locals and many visitors and expats. In fact, my improvised and small amount of German failed when I found out our waiter didn’t even understand any of it just yet! The drinks menus is pretty long, extensive and contains some pretty interestingly named drinks. Beer was definitely up to be had with the rest of the meal. Fortunately they manage to execute all the food exceptionally well. Here’s a picture of the veal ribs (yes, veal!) both tender, flavoursome and fall of the bone easy to eat. They went well with the perfectly huge onion rings covered in a perfectly light bread crumb coating and served with a light ranch sauce.

They even have bands playing and although I didn’t really get a chance to wonder the huge insides, apparently they even have a dance floor somewhere in the corridors.

Definitely a little cheesy, but at least you know what you expect when you walk in. Perfectly executed for just that, it’s not the sort of place you’d want to go eat and drink at everyday, but you can’t fault it for having lots of character.

Name: White Trash Fast Food
Found at: Schönhauser Allee 6-7, Berlin. Nearest UBahn: Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

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