Vietnamese at Monsieur Vuong

I’d heard so much about this great Vietnamese place during the week from my work colleagues I decided to check it out for a late lunch after my run in Berlin’s Tiergarten. Hoping that the place would still be open when I left my hotel for this lunch at 2:30pm, I was completely surprised walking in and finding it ridiculously busy. Thankful for eating by myself, I was seated almost immediately with a number of other solo diners at the circular bar surrounding the kitchen area.

I thought it would have been awful waiting for a table for four or more. With a menu in German, I managed to work out most of the classic Vietnamese dishes, noting a few different variations. Everything was cheap here, though looking at the dishes coming out, amazing value (less than €10) for the modern variations that emerged.

Feeling a cold on its way, I opted for the health restoring, Pho, that soon arrived as a steaming broth with gently cooked pieces of juicy chicken, rice noodles and plenty of greens. I was quite proud to order it in the small enough to be non-existent German I’d been accumulating through the week.

With flavours and value like this, it’s no surprise that plenty of Berliners streamed through its doors, even by the time I’d left.

Name: Monsieur Vuong
Found at: Alte Schönhauser Str. 46, 10119 Berlin, Germany

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