D’Espresso New York

I first read about D’Espresso from a mailing list I subscribe to about interesting designs around the world. Seeing as I enjoy my coffee, I’m always up for some non chain coffee house that serves espresso.

We dropped into the one closest to Grand Central station, though struggled to find it as I was looking for it on Madison Avenue. It took us a while to triangulate it and find it located on 42nd Street. Watch out for that. They serve all kinds of coffees. I ordered a cortado being the closest thing they might make to a flat white.

They also had, on display, a great display of these bombolino’s – or donuts filled with various ones.

Although starting to get a little run down from all the people dropping in, this tiny store looks pretty amazing for the wallpaper that plasters the floor, walls and roof, effectively turning the store into a sideways library.

Pretty trippy but neat.

Name: D’Espresso
Found at: 317 Madison Ave on 42nd Street, New York, NY, 10017
Website: http://www.despresso.com/

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