Restaurants I Want To Try in Liverpool

To be honest, Liverpool surprised me with the decent eating given the ease you might find yourself in one of the chain eateries. I had a list of things I wanted to try, but didn’t get around to them. You’ll find this list below. If you have any good recommendations, I’d be keen about them as well.

  • Bistro Pierre – French food with some very good reviews particularly great value lunch deals.
  • Il Forno – An Italian restaurant apparently Antonio Carluccio and The Times approved of.
  • San Carlo – A fancy looking Italian restaurant with an impressive bar. I stumbled across this and it really caught my eye.
  • The Monro – The other gastopub owned by the same group.
  • London Carriage Works – Apparently run by the 60 Hope Street folks, this place got some pretty good reviews.
  • Penny Lane Wine Bar – Apparently some good food and drink although this apparently borders closer to pub food than restaurant food.
  • Mayur – Apparently award winning Indian food. I was going to try this place instead of Chao Praya, but the latter caught my eye more.
  • Lunya – A catalun inspired restaurant deli that looked really amazing. Tucked away near the Liverpool ONE centre
  • The Egg – A hidden away, Liverpool institution that serves vegan/vegetarian food.
  • The Italian Club Fish – A weird Anglicised Italian restaurant focusing on seafood.
  • Gulshan – Apparently listed in the Michelin guide, this Indian restaurant is a bit of a hike out of the city centre. Must be good.

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