Where’s the good coffee? LJ’s Coffee House

This one has been on my list for a while, and so the last time I was hanging around Covent Garden on a Sunday, decided to head out this way. As tempted as I was to drop into a number of other coffee stores, I thought it was about time I tried a different one. As you can tell from the picture below, the sun was shining strong the day I went in, and it surprised me that no one was sitting on the small table outside although most of the lounge and tables were pretty busy.

I’m guessing they offer free wi-fi based on the number of laptops out as well.

The important part? I was slightly worried when I saw the mammoth sized cups along the wall. Fortunately they only offer the flat white in the smaller cup. I want my coffee with a dash of milk, not coffee-flavoured milk, thank you very much. Next to the coffee counter sat a fridge, reminding me of the coffee chains offering grab and go sandwiches or a smaller handful of heat them up on the spot. I guess it’s nice to have options for a hot lunch although I think it’s better to make them fresh.

The verdict? Pretty good. They use Union roasted beans so that’s a pretty good start. There wasn’t too much milk and it was heated to the right sort of temperature. I think I paid £2.30 for this. A decent option although it has some very strong competition in its neighbourhood.

Name: L.J. Coffee House
Found at: 3 Winnett Street, W1D 6JY, London, UK
Website: http://www.ljcoffeehouse.org.uk/

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  1. My favourite coffee stop off. Love this little oasis – a friendly independent with exceptional coffee. I personally think its a much nicer place than the ‘stiff’ competition around it…

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