Tapas at Barrica

Goodge Street is already home to the another popular tapas bar that I haven’t even been to, although I’m always happy to go with suggestions my good Italian foodie friend, Luca, recommends so Barrica’s Tapas Bar was go. This is the sort of place worth booking ahead for, and even the day ahead, all we could get one of their high tables out front instead of the, more lounge-like seating arrangements out back.

Like all charcuteries, there’s Iberican ham hanging awaiting slicing and dicing of serving and quite a few different Spanish cervezas (beer!) including a really dark flavoured one that I enjoyed drinking.

Grilled picante chorizo – deliciously firm and slightly spicy

There’s plenty to choose from on the menu although they stick to the classic fair. I can assure you that they were done very well and the between the two of us, six or seven different tapas was plenty of finish off.

Classic patatas bravas – seemingly made with Maris Piper potatoes providing a lovely crisp outside to contrast the tomato and mayonnaise topping.

Unfortunately we had to run to see a movie, so we couldn’t stay for dessert and surprised our waitress for the evening who provided entertaining and highly enthused service throughout the meal.

My favourite of the evening – stuffed chillies

When we booked at the last moment, they mentioned that we’d be eating at the bar, although what they really meant by that was eating at high tables that resembled a bar (they were actually separate tables). This might be uncomfortable for some people but still had plenty of privacy.

A couple of beers and six or seven tapas plates between the two of us including service ended up at about £50.

Name: Barrica Tapas Bar
Found at: 62 Goodge Street London W1T 4NE
Website: http://www.barrica.co.uk/

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