The Bowery in Brisbane

One of my favourite bars in Brisbane is The Bowery, located on the corner of Ann Street and The Bowery in the Fortitude Valley. It’s a deep and narrow cocktail bar with an open aired patio where you can enjoy the wonderful mix of drinks on offer.

The menu is extensive (in drinks that is), split into a number of sections making it easy for you to enjoy. Sections such as the sweet, sour or bitter sections have plenty of cocktails to choose from, or you can simply ask the staff for something special. The only downside to a place like this is that you will find yourself waiting if the bar is super full.

I didn’t find it too busy last Friday, although we went before dinner and it was probably quiet with people leaving Brisbane for the long weekend. Staff are helpful, entirely friendly and the atmosphere chilled and relaxed.

Name: The Bowery
Address: 676 Ann St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006, Australia

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