Ribs ‘n’ Bibs

I have a confession to make. I love American-style BBQ ribs. I particularly loved the smoked variety and not just the ones that need the BBQ sauce to bring any flavour to the succulent meat. Fortunately I went out specifically to Ribs ‘N’ Bibs that was pleasing in all sorts of ways. It’s not located in the easiest of locations to get to so I visited on the way to the Museum of Science and Industry several blocks away.


It’s small outfit means that it’s not really built for dining in, with a small counter with four stools and three picnic tables outside providing any “eating in” option. Most of the locals seemed to know this with most people ordering carry out or takeaway. I was forced to eat at the counter as it was pouring down heavily outside and hadn’t planned anything else. The rest of the interior is covered with photos and old clippings of praise with lots of celebrities and magazines obviously vouching for the deliciousness of their ribs.


I ordered “The Boss”, a set of ribs, fries and coleslaw as it seemed like the most complete meal. The main event of course were the ribs, the coleslaw more of a token indicator with two “sauce pots” filled with the stuff and the fries definitely unmemorable. Fortunately the ribs made up for it with thoroughly tender pink meat and a smokiness that only comes with that much attention and love.


The sauce was tangy, and complimented the meat as it fell off the bone, something I was thankful for given that all I had to eat the stuff was a plastic fork and my hands.

It’s odd location far from central Chicago means I wouldn’t make a trip out for it but I’d definitely return if I happened to be back in the area.

Name: Ribs ‘N’ Bibs
Found at: 5300 S. Dorchester Ave, Chicago, USA
Website: None that I could find
Cost: The boss (rack of ribs, chips, coleslaw) + drink + tax was US$24

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